Pruebas no destructivas

These tests are made by the application of indirect physical methods, with the objective of checking a piece or material without alter its physical form permanently. 

Visual inspection

We inspect
carefully every detail of every single piece to determine the quality critic
points  and define if it fulfill with the
specifications of our clients. 

  •       Control position, inspection position, GP12, CS1 and CS2.

  •     Sorting.

Ultrasound (UT)

This method is apply in the thickness measurement, detection of corrosion zones, detection of defect pieces that has been cast and forged, rolled or forged. 


This method helps us to inspect places inaccessible to the human eye with he help of optical equipment. 

Penetrating liquids (LP)

We apply a liquid to inspect the surface of the products and materials to detect cracks and porosities.

Magnetic tests  (PM)

This technique is used in ferromagnetic materials to detect cracks and other discontinuities in surface and near-surface.