We remove excess impurities from the materials, such as burrs with polishers and/or turbines to improve the quality and appearance of the products, with industrial cleaning we remove industrial greases or liquids that are not suitable in the materials for their use. 

Poloshing and cutting

Process by which fine-tune the metal surface of objects, eliminating marks, friction, scratches and welds. 


We use different methods to remove the high edges or excess material that may be generated during its manufacture. They are usually produced by tools during CNC machining or cutting operations and molding processes. 

Sand Blast

This process consists of the treatment of a surface by the action of a granular abrasive. Which is expelled with compressed air through a nozzle, removing the impurity.



Limpieza de óxidos

Realizamos una limpieza a profundidad eliminando todo el óxido de la pieza metálica, utilizando los distintos procesos químicos.


Cleaning service, pickling and pickling of industrial parts, we return to a useful condition to the parts.


Process for making cylindrical diameters by extracting the perforated solid material.

These are several main factors that characterize a hole from the point of view of its machining are:

  • Diameter.
  • Surface quality and tolerance.
  • Length of diameter.